About us

Interested in the war and what people went through in Sarajevo during the 90’s?

Interested in the war survivors, their stories, the scars of the city?

Don’t want just another mainstream, touristy experience, obviously designed for tourists?

Want to hear about real life, without bullshit, without sugar coating, want something unique and honest?

Well, here is your chance to experience something which you’ll remember for a long time, from war survivors to you.

If you’re interested, keep reading, if not, thank you for having a look.


Welcome to my educational project and thank you for having a look at what I have to offer.

My name is Zero One (Nula Jedan in the local language), this is my father’s war code name and as a tribute to him, I use his war time name now because it’s neutral and I hate divisions.

Why would you pick what I have to offer, what is so different about me?

I am a local and I survived the war as a child. Growing up in a post war situation and having my family surrounded by war I learned the true nature of the effects of war on people and their lives. Now I decided to educate those who want to know what happened to Sarajevo and it’s people, including myself and my family in the 90’s by sharing my personal perspective through my work.

My work is personal, educational, alternative, there is no sugar-coating things and most of all my work is non-touristy. Sure, it’s called a “tour”, but actually I talk about real life situations, which people actually survived during and after the war, this is why my work feels more like you are talking to a friend who experienced this, rather then a service or something that’s obviously designed for tourists.

I actually care that you take something important with you from the work I provide, rather then just bombard you with tons of information which you can’t possibly remember.

If you don’t want the mainstream touristy stuff which everyone takes, if you want to hear and see for yourself what people went through in the last war, from a survivor’s perspective, just have a look at what I have to offer and come judge for yourself if what I offer is any good.

The reason I started doing this is because I wanted to try and make a living of educating people, helping people understand what happened to me and my family and to make some form of stability for me and my family, so by taking one of our experiences you are directly helping a family of war survivors.

If you are not interested in anything I offer, then thank you for at least having a look.


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