The city war scars

In this experience, I will take you to Sarajevo’s most devastated parts, which are the residential areas of the city, the socialist blocks where you can see the grey, brutalist style of buildings. These are the places where the working class lives, some would argue that this is the real Sarajevo.

I will take you to places where still today you can see quite vividly the effects of war on the buildings and people’s lives. It is truly shocking that after 20 years some places look like the war just ended.

I will explain you as well what these beautiful red memorials called Sarajevo Roses on the ground mean and what is the purpose behind them.

In this experience, you will get to see what everyday life looks like in the non tourist parts of the city, which are heavily affected by the war, through the eyes of the locals.


Tour start: Everyday at 12:30 p.m

Tour duration: 2 hours

Price: 20 Euros (40 KM) per person

Minimum persons required: two persons

Tour type: Trip, war tour, historical tour, storytelling

Maximum seven persons can join the tour because of the car capacity.

We advise you to come in shoes or boots because of the harhs terrain of some of the war ruins.

Please notice

Booking is mandatory, please contact us if you would like to book a tour or have any questions.