Frontline tour


I will take you to my father’s frontline which happens to be the same mountain where the Winter Olympic bob sleigh track is from 1984. The frontline is isolated from the city, the bob sleigh track is nothing but a ruin which stands there in the destroyed forest to tell the tale of the recent war.


I will show you the abandoned trenches and bunkers from both sides of Sarajevo’s frontline and tell you war stories passed on to me from my father.

You will walk in the footsteps of the people who were there during the conflict, experiencing history from first hand with your own eyes.

You will walk through the trenches, see the bunkers,  go inside of them, witness the minefields and in the end you will have your own perspective based on your experience here.


I recommend this for anyone who likes to see more, experience more, observe and in the end build your own perspective of the war.


Tour start: Everyday at 10:00 a.m

Tour duration: 2 hours

Price: 50 Euros (100 KM) per person

Minimum persons required: one person

Tour type: Trip, war tour, historical tour, storytelling

We advise you to come in shoes or boots because of the harsh mountain terrain.

Please notice

Booking is mandatory, please contact us if you would like to book a tour or have any questions.