The bunker

In this tour/experience I will take you inside a bunker which I built together with my father based on his memories from the frontline. Once you are in the bunker, you will first explore it, after that I will play you an unfiltered news report which I picked, which sums up the war and explains what is happening in Sarajevo and and Bosnia. Afterwards I will play you a personal video recorded during the siege by my father, then we will talk only about what interests you. In this part you can ask me any questions you want answered and this part is tailored by you. In the end I will show you my personal war collection and end it with a bonus.

I recommend this experience for anyone who wants to see how a survivor who survived the war as a child thinks, who wants to know in depth what happened, cares about the story, wants local insight and wants something personal and educational.

As a separate experience, it is also possible to sleep in the bunker. It’s certainly not for everyone.

This sentence from The New York Times, explains the authenticity of the bunker quite well:

“the bunker,” a window-less dungeon room so hellishly and deliberately uncomfortable
that, he said, “it is insane to want to sleep there.” – The New York Times


If you wish to have a better understanding of what it was like in the war to be in a bunker like this, then you can go ahead and try to sleep in the bunker, like this reporter from the BBC:


Just please bare in mind that both experiences are indoors in the bunker which I built with my father.

If you wish to sleep in the bunker, send us a message and we will give you the details.



Tour start: Everyday at 15:00 p.m.

Tour duration: 2-3 hours

Price: 20 Euros (40 KM) per person.

Minimum persons required: Two persons.

Maximum 20 persons can join the tour at a time, so we accept group bookings as well.

Tour type: Indoor, educational experience, war tour, historical tour, lecture, presentation, storytelling.

Please notice

Booking is mandatory, please contact us if you would like to book a tour or have any questions.